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Waterside, BN43

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25/04/2011 fix / clean the toilets — What has happened to the Waterside. I returned to Shoreham beach last weekend to visit friends. We decided to go to the Waterside on Sunday afternoon for a pub lunch. We waited at the bar covered in used glasses, one member of the bar staff was on the phone, the other was being chatted up by the locals. We were eventually served after about 10 minutes. We took the menus from the bar and found a table outside, unfortunately we could not find one without dirty glasses on it. We all decided that if this was the state of the service we will not eat. Thank goodness we did. I had the misfortune of going to the toilets in the lounge section of the pub, the urinals were leaking from the waste pipe, and the floor was covered in urine. The soap dispenser had fallen off the wall and was in the sink. I met a local in there who said the toilets had been like this for about two weeks now. My girlfriend used the ladies toilets in the bar area and said they were in the same condition, in fact she came back to the table with her jeans rolled up. Needless to say, we finished our drinks and left - we will not return.. We found a lovely little pub in the town and had our lunch there. watersides loss I guess - I wonder if they care? View
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