Feather's Hotel

Market Place, Pocklington, York, YO42 2AH
Followers 4
Audience 12
  •  Accommodation
  •  Car park
  •  Disabled facilities
  •  Family friendly
  •  Food
  •  Function room
  •  Outside area
  •  Beer garden
  •  Real ale
  •  Smoking area
  •  WiFi free
  •  DJ
  •  Karaoke
  •  Live music
  •  Quiz nights
  •  Big screen
  •  Football
  •  Terrestrial TV
Feather's Hotel in Pocklington has accommodation. The pub has a beer garden, it has a car park. Feather's Hotel has disabled facilities. The pub is a family friendly pub, it serves food. Feather's Hotel has a function room that can be booked. The pub has an outside area, it serves real ale. Feather's Hotel has a smoking area. The pub has free WiFi, it has DJ's. Feather's Hotel has karaoke. The pub has live music events, it holds quiz nights. Feather's Hotel has a big screen. The pub shows football on TV, it has terrestrial TV.