Harveys Bar

Langhorne Gardens, Folkestone, CT20 2EA
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As you approach Harvey's Wine Bar, situated under the Langhorne Garden Hotel, the first thing you'll see is a pleasant beer garden out front. As you descend down the stairs into the bar you might expect to find yourself in a typical cellar bar; but what you'll discover instead is an inviting gathering place emanating warmth and friendliness. Ian Fordrey manages the bar with the help of Leigh, Fid, Bro, and Dannie, and they'll all make you feel welcome. Though it's called a "wine bar" and features an impressive wine list, Harvey's also offers a great selection of cask ales, single malts, and more spirits than you could possibly sample. The food menu, which is available all afternoon, includes the usual pub selections as well as some unique Harvey's creations.

The bar is comprised of an assortment of rooms and alcoves featuring various environments and amusements as well as an outstanding jukebox. All ages of clientele -- from young people to pensioners -- enjoy the ambience of Harvey's, whether they prefer chatting with friends at the bar, having a romantic tryst in a quiet corner, shooting a game of pool, playing pinball, watching a game on the big-screen TV, or enjoying an afternoon meal.

While Harvey's is owned by the proprietors of the hotel upstairs it operates with an independent character. This is an enjoyable, legitimate venue for all category of people.