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Lord Rodney, WA2

Lord Rodney
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    15/04/2012 I still get horrific flashbacks my night out here — I was on a night out couple months ago when my friends and i decided to meet up at THE RODNEY (previously known as Lord Rodney) as a starting point to the night out, i found the place to be busy so it was a good place to start the night, only a couple hours had passed and i found myself in a war zone, a group of males were fighting, girls were screaming, glass was being smashed, bottles were flying next thing i knew police were barging in, ambulances were outside waiting for a girl who i believe had been glassed in the face by what i could see. After that night i've been too traumatised to go out, the flashbacks are horrific enough, i've since been told there has been many both days and nights of similar incidents. Its places like this that keep us indoors and give our town a bad name. View
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