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White Rabbit, OX1

White Rabbit
0.2 miles

The White Rabbit is an independent pub in the centre of Oxford. Run by old friends in our twenties; we’re passionate about beer, pizza, and music.

Four Candles, OX1

Four Candles
0.2 miles

01/02/2013 Terrible Service. Not Recommended. — TERRIBLE SERVICE! I agree with several reviews here, the staff are simply rude and dont know how to serve customers. I went there with a few friends for dinner one night, but some didn't bring their ID as we didnt know about its requirement after 7pm. The guy at the bar literally told us to f*ck off you're not welcome here, even if we only wanted food and no alcoholic drinks. We were all totally turned off by how rudely they treated their customers and stormed off to eat somewhere else. Another day I took my family here for dinner. The kids wanted some ice cream afterwards, so I went ahead to order. After about half an hour of waiting I went back to the bar to ask where their ice cream was, and was told "take your kids out, they're not allowed in at this time." I said "we came here to have dinner before and ordered ice cream half an hour ago, can we at least have what we paid for?" Then the pissed-off looking manager came and told us to leave with our children. When I argued back that we just had dinner and only wanted some ice cream for dessert which I had ordered HALF AN HOUR AGO, she told me not to talk to her like that and the bar will no longer serve me before hissing off. We never got our ice cream. Manners is obviously a strange term for them. The manager has absolutely no clue on how to run a proper establishment; the total lack of service and staff rudeness absolutely ruins it. It wasnt even just a one-off occasion, but twice. Rude with NO manners AT ALL! My other friends have had similar experiences, being treated like trash. Worst service Ive ever seen in UK. I wont be going there again. Ever. View
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