Forget Dry January, it's all about TRYanuary! Pubs, bars, breweries, and taprooms all over the country are offering customers the chance to experience some of the beer industry's finest produce; be it from cask, keg, bottle or can. Get yourself involved - a bit of variety never killed the Queen.

More information can be found at the official Tryanuary website:

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Brudenell Social Club, LS6

Brudenell Social Club

Brudenell Social Club in Headingley welcomes customers with campervans. The pub has a beer garden, it has a car park. Brudenell Social Club has disabled facilities. The pub is a family friendly pub, it has a function room that can be booked. Brudenell Social Club has an outside area. The pub serves real ale, it has a smoking area. Brudenell Social Club has free WiFi. The pub shows live comedy, it has a dart board. Brudenell Social Club has live music events. The pub holds Poker Nights, it has a pool table. Brudenell Social Club holds quiz nights. The pub has a big screen, it shows cricket on TV. Brudenell Social Club shows football on TV. The pub shows rugby on TV, it has Sky Sports. Brudenell Social Club has terrestrial TV. The pub is a member of Camra.

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Errigle Inn, BT7

Errigle Inn

The Errigle Inn is known as one of Ireland's most famous traditional pubs with a great history for excellent music and atmosphere, The Errigle Inn has a reputation for serving fabulous food, drink and entertainment.

Handymans Supermarket, L15

Handymans Supermarket

Handymans Supermarket in Greenbank serves food. The pub has a function room that can be booked, it serves real ale. Handymans Supermarket has a real fire. The pub shows live comedy, it has live music events. Handymans Supermarket holds quiz nights.

Head of Steam, B2

Head of Steam

Head of Steam in Birmingham has a cocktail bar. The pub gives a warm welcome to dogs and their owners, it serves food. Head of Steam serves real ale. The pub has live music events, it is a member of Camra.

Lynch Gate Tavern, WV1

Lynch Gate Tavern

Lynch Gate Tavern in Wolverhampton has a beer garden. The pub has a car park, it is a family friendly pub. Lynch Gate Tavern serves food. The pub has a function room that can be booked, it has an outside area. Lynch Gate Tavern serves real ale.

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