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Harrier, PE4


What’s on the menu? All your family favourites! Whether it’s an All Day Breakfast kind of day, a beer and a Beef Burger kind of day, or you just fancy Fish & Chips for a change... you’ll find there’s plenty to tickle your taste buds on our menu.

23/05/2019 Stella 4% — Well kept larger View

Tumbledown Farm, WS11

17/02/2014 Tumbledown letdown! — We went to the Tumbledown with friends for 7pm on Saturday 15th February 2014. The place was almost empty! We ordered starters and mains for four people. After 30 minutes we asked where were the starters and was subsequently told the kitchen had not printed off the order! The waitress clearly had little concern and was not busy as there were so few diners. The starters finally came after another 20 minutes. Staff seemed totally uncommitted to their work. The waitress was quite cold and surly. The food was mediocre at best. The usual question: "Is everything OK?" with absolutely no interest whatsoever in the answers. One member paid and extra £1.50 for an extra-large carvery but got no more meat than the other carvery serving - very poor. ‘Had run out of coleslaw for one dish - with a near empty restaurant on a Saturday evening - can they not make some more!? The 'manager' even kept trying to collect plates before people had finished eating! We will not go there again! Although the 'manager' had said they would not charge for the late starters, they were still on the bill and I had to ask for them to be removed. It is a lovely building and could be a superb venue at which to eat, but it was so much let down by the staff/very poor service. I try to be objective with all critiques and am always happy to say good things, but there is nothing good I can say about this venue. View
05/08/2012 Stella 4% — ITS A GREAT FAMILY PUB View
05/08/2012 Stella 4% — '''''THIS PUB HAS IT ALL''''' View