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Hillheads, NE5


The Hillheads pub is a friendly environment with great beer and even greater customer service, recently refurbished and under new management.

26/08/2013 Bulmers Bold Black Cherry — Friendly, welcoming, enjoyable, great owners View
08/12/2011 Good pub — This is a great run family pub. Shaun used to have the pub years ago and has come back with Sarah. They are trying to restore the pub to the good old days and with everyone's help and commitment this can be achieved View

Rendezvous, DT4


Situated next door to Weymouth’s picturesque harbour, our recently refurbished venue boasts three diverse floors and a gorgeous outdoor seating area, perfectly suited to any occasion, whether it be a cider in the sun, a relaxed family meal or even the par

08/09/2014 Bulmers Bold Black Cherry — Fonts look amazing, serve could of been better. View
25/04/2011 Well, if you love being ignored, then come on down — I'm told to 'please be as constructive as you can'.. how about this? Fire your rude staff and hire competent people. We walked in, a waitress walked by, made eye contact, smiled and then carried on without a word. We were left standing at the door like lemons. I went up to the bar and asked what to do. The barman, tall, dark haired young bloke, directed us to take a seat and someone would come and take our order. (Don't fire this guy- he was nice). No-one came. No proper menus. Waitresses and waiters avoided eye contact alike and gave us no menus, no offer of drinks... Didn't even ask us if we needed help or if we were ok. I saw a rack of menus (empty) and had to wait fifteen minutes for someone to put one down. I promptly took it, we chose and i went up to the bar and ordered after being ignored again. The food arrived after nearly forty minutes with many apologies for it being late (this waiter was also nice- don't fire him) as there had been a mix up in the kitchen. I'd ordered fish of the day, and my friend ordered scampi. Not exactly a difficult order. Still, my main was EXCELLENT. Fresh fish from that day, beautiful crisp batter, loads of chips and good helping of salad. My friend, on the other hand, had cooked-from-frozen scampi (Why? This is a harbour-side restaurant after all) that was rubbery and ended up not being able to eat it as it was that bad. We decided not to have dessert. Approached the bar to pay, waited and had to listen to the inattentive waitresses moan about their shift lengths before paying. I did not leave a tip. I;ve worked as a waitress for FIVE years, and i'm only 20. I can honestly say i would have been fired for that kind of behaviour, and as for the management? Well, we were invisible to him too. View
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