The Publican Party – Election 2015

Wednesday 1st April 2015

Speculation continues to grow that the UK pub trade looks set to launch their own political party at the eleventh hour. With the closest election forecast in years, it looks like no single party will be able to claim a clear majority, leaving the balance of power in the hands of what might be a tiny minority of MPs.

Stella Foster, who is spearheading the initiative to launch The Publican Party, has been quoted as saying, “We all know that your local licensee loves a bit of politics. This is an opportunity to put that to the test in the most real way imaginable.”

“The hope is that even a handful of licensee MPs could end up in government, with a deal to be done on beer duty and the price of supermarket booze. The Publican Party’s manifesto believes that this will ultimately be good for pubs, pub lovers and the economy as a whole.”

David Cameron was the first to break cover on the rumors. He is believed to be considering a 10 pence cut in the price of a pint, with a 20 pence reduction in cider duty on days when the temperature hits 20 degrees.

Ed Miliband was unavailable for comment on the PM’s wooing tactics, although he is thought to be putting the finishing touches to his own "Free Play Jukebox" initiative.

All new LIVE!

Tuesday 6th May 2014

After months of blood, sweat and beers we are proud to announce the launch of the all new today. We hope you like it.

The first thing you’ll notice is a newer, fresher look. We’ve also made it quicker and easier for you to find anything and everything you want to know about pubs and bars in our great country. Join us and you can even personalise your view. We’ll email you when anything happens in and around the pubs you love. We’ll send you news on events and money off vouchers too. We want to do everything we can to make sure we can help bring pubs and people together.

Our technical wizards have even bought some new kit, slimmed down the code and standardised much of what we do. The result is a rapier fast site that gives you what you want, when & where you want it, be it on your desktop, mobile or tablet.

We look forward to serving people and pubs for many more years to come.

Pubs darts? Nein!

Tuesday 1st April 2014

Angela Merkel has made a surprise early morning call to Prime Minister, David Cameron, insisting that he supports a European wide ban on playing darts in under insured public places. It is understood that the ban will include Britain's pubs which have no dangerous sports insurance in place.

MEP's in Brussels are said to be concerned at the number of recent "near misses" where people could have been injured as a result of inexperienced darts players being unable to hit the board with certainty.

The UK government, who are not keen to rock the boat further with the Germans, are known to be actively looking at several options. Phil "The Power" Taylor has been looking at the feasibility of moving the professional game to either magnetic or velcro boards.

Commenting on the rumours, Tom Nicholls of the White Lion, in Dartford said, "This is health and safety gone mad. Whatever next, pool balls made of foam?"

Pub Sleepover

Wednesday 4th December 2013

This Christmas, one industrious landlady is offering her locals the option of camping in her garden. Lizzie Jennings of the Drum & Monkey in Upton-upon-Severn has teamed up with a local tent manufacturer to offer a cheaper alternative to a taxi home.

We can only think that it might get a bit chilly in December, but hey, isn't that what mulled wine is for!

England v Poland

Tuesday 15th October 2013

If you were only going to watch one football match in the pub this year, then surely tonight's the night. England's qualification for the World Cup in Brazil next year hangs in the balance.

So, don't suffer alone, get yourself to the pub and peharps as one nation we can will them over the line.

To find a pub showing the footie just click here.

Tax Parity Day

Tuesday 24th September 2013

Tomorrow, Wednesday 25th September, is the UK's first Tax Parity Day for pubs. This is a day where as an industry we are campaigning to promote the benefits of lowering VAT in the hospitality industry. Thousands of pubs are taking part and lowering their prices for a day. So if you know a pub taking part, please do support them by popping in. 

Ukraine v England

Tuesday 10th September 2013

As games of football go this is a pretty big one, and the only place to watch Lamps get his 100th cap has to be down the pub*.

Let us help you find the perfect pub to watch the big game. Then, once you're sorted, let your friends know where you're going by "sharing" and declaring #puboclock via Facebook and Twitter.

Click here to find a football pub.

Come on England. Do it for the Great British pub lovers!

*Unless of course you're actually going to the match in which case we'll let you off.

Pub delivery strike

Thursday 5th September 2013

Red alert, red alert. It seems that there's a pub delivery strike in the offing. 

We hate being the bearer of bad news but Unite union members at Kuehne and Nagel Drinks Logistics are due to walk out for 24 hours on Wednesday next week. Apparently almost 30,000 establishments across the UK will face "significant disruption".

Only one thing for it.....get the beers in now to avoid disappointment.

Let there be beer!

Tuesday 30th July 2013

You may have seen an advert on the telly recently that's all about celebrating one of our greatest!

The "Let there be beer" campaign is being run and supported by some of the biggest names in the industry, including our close friends at Heineken.

Obviously we couldn't agree more that beer is a very, very special drink indeed - but it's all the more special if you have one down the pub with your mates.

So why not show your support for all things beer (and pub) over at their facebook page. Come on pub lovers, you know what to do.....


Thursday 25th July 2013

Nobody is celebrating the recent run of good weather any more than the UK's pubs and pub lovers.

If there's one thing that pushes more people into pubs more often it's the sunshine. Our industry sources are quoting increases of up to 20% over the last month.

So next time the sun's out and you deserve a drink, don't stay at home, get yourself down your local for a great tasting pint in a great British beer garden.

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